MickeyB and Family
Submitted 11/30/22
Dr Weiss is our family’s “go to “ Orthopedic Surgeon and Medical Professional for many many years!!! Great office and staff, practical , sensitive and SENSIBLE diagnosis, strategy and Action!!! He has kept my wife and I , our two married children and innumerable grandchildren moving well as as active, athletic and very healthy functioning citizens!! We consider our long term relationship to be invaluable and gratifying! Thank you again and again Dr Andrew Weiss!!!

Seymour L.
Submitted 08/11/22
Pleasant efficient and answered my questions

Dorothy C.
Submitted 08/06/22
Everyone was attentive and my issue was addressed successfully!!

Vida N.
Submitted 07/30/22
Everything was good except the shot was painful the pain is now subsiding When I had the shot in my other arm I didn’t have any pain I am getting better and my stiffness improves but I am not yet pain or stiff free.

Alice L.
Submitted 07/19/22
I had made it very clear in the ER and to the follow up doctor that surgery was a last resort for me. I came to this office after being told I would most probably need surgery for a broken humerus after six weeks of healing. I wanted a doctor who listened and was responsive. Dr. Weiss and his staff of professionals turned out to be those people. I appreciate Dr. Weiss and his staff very much. They are quick to respond to questions and requests. I feel I can trust Dr. Weiss’ advice based on his knowledge and experience. I’m happy I made the decision to come to him for care.

Melisa S.
Submitted 07/15/22
Very knowledgeable, up-front, and personable doctor

Celia M.
Submitted 07/14/22
Please let me first start by saying that I am not the type of person that usually submits a survey or recommends anyone because of the responsibility one’s words of recommendation may bear. In this case I am more than compelled to share my extremely satisfactory experience with Dr. Weiss and his staff. I was referred to Dr. Weiss around September 2021 by my boss and his best friend, both of whom have been patients of his in the past and both had wonderful positive outcomes. I had a shoulder rotator cuff tear that was painful and was making my life more difficult by the day, but my fears of surgery and it’s possible negative outcomes (according to what I researched, mostly online) held me back from finding a solution to my problem. From my first visit with Dr. Weiss back in 2021 to my surgery early December that year, to my most recent follow up appointment in June, I have been completely satisfied and happy with everything. The level of care, professionalism, assurance and re-assurance of my many questions and doubts, and the results that I have experienced which have given me back my confidence, normal shoulder movement, and overall back to normal feeling have all been top notch. I do have to say though, following carefully the instructions of Dr. Weiss and my physical therapist, not rushing exercises and daily activities (even when I wanted) have been an integral component of my recovery. In summary, YES, I highly recommend Dr. Weiss, 100%. I do not mean to sound over excited, but I am. I am THAT happy with my results and truly thankful to Dr. Weiss’ for his skills, services, and overall caring and compassion towards me, my problem, my surgery, and my recovery. Thank you Dr. Weiss, you are a testament to your profession. GOD bless.

Eli E.
Submitted 07/13/22
Quick and addressed our needs. Thank you.

Farnaz H.
Submitted 07/13/22
The staff is professional, thoughtful and kind. I walked in and immediately felt like I was in good hands. Dr. Weiss is incredible, knowledgeable and nice.

Eliezer E.
Submitted 06/23/22
Great experience!!!!

Birgitta G.
Submitted 06/17/22
Excellent doctor. Dr. Weiss communication was clear and informative. He was able to be both personal and professional at the same time. He instilled confidence and trust by being patient and clearly showing that he is an expert in his field. I highly recommend him,

Mary S.
Submitted 05/30/22
Friendly and welcoming from start = staff to meeting Dr. Weiss who is obviously knowledgeable and tried to explain various reasons for pain that was bothersome despite finding no fracture and NO arthritis. I appreciated his effort to provide me with paperwork items that I could use at a later time to obtain MRI if pain or weakness increased in the future. The LEGO sculptures were fascinating as well as additional evidence of Dr. Weiss skill for maintaining attention until the task is completed! This bodes well for patients who are facing surgery, e.g., nimble eye-hand coordination for proper placement of thousands of LEGO pieces must give a positive indication of surgery tactics that improve the patient’s chances at having a post-surgery positive outcome.

Rea L.
Submitted 05/18/22
Empathetic, responsive and an excellent orthopedic. Great staff as well… kind and patient

Wayne F.
Submitted 03/26/22
Dr. Weiss is terrific. Accommodating, helpful, clear, easy to work with. Feel like I’m in great hands. And his staff are awesome!

Marcie R.
Submitted 03/25/22
Always helpful. I was a walk in and he took me and ride away.

Ted G.
Submitted 01/21/22
Excellent, quick and efficient service

Thomas N.
Submitted 01/21/22
I suddenly developed a swelling on my left knee after hiking. It was painful and made walking normally difficult. Dr. Weiss examined me. X rayed both knees to compare. The results came back immediately. He suggested that we drain my knee. The result was miraculous. No more pain. No more difficulty walking and the swelling went down too. Thank you Dr. Weiss.

Ronnie H.
Submitted 01/03/22
I was very comfortable with you guys

Elizabeth M.
Submitted 01/01/22
Professional , responsive, effective.

Amedeo U.
Submitted 11/25/21
Excellent experience! Doctor Weiss and his staff were a pleasure to deal with and I was extremely satisfied on all levels.

Meredith K.
Submitted 10/15/21
Dr. Weiss saw us right away and ordered a CT scan for later in the afternoon. He went above and beyond to help my daughter and we are so grateful.

Randi L.
Submitted 10/13/21
Professional Knowledgeable Personable Instills confidence Thank you.

Alexander S.
Submitted 10/13/21
Dr. Weiss spent substantial time explaining the results of my images, the pros and cons of all alternatives, answering any questions I had in a way that was approachable, practical and easy to understand. Highly recommend Dr. Weiss.

Charlotte S.
Submitted 09/30/21
The visit went very well. The doctor took his time and put Charlotte at ease. The Lego collection was a nice added bonus!

James T.
Submitted 09/21/21
Dr. Weiss is a real pro . Very sharp in his diagnosis. Very caring . Very accessible with a very warm personality. Try’s very hard to solve the medical issues.

Chana F.
Submitted 09/13/21
From the moment we walked in until we left the office it was smooth sailing! The office staff was very efficient during check-in , the nurse was very thorough in her inquiry and lastly, the doctor was very diligent in how he dealt with my daughter’s back and shoulder issues. We are very pleased.

Avraham H.
Submitted 09/02/21
Clean nice practice, very quick!

Evan K.
Submitted 08/03/21
Dr. Weiss and his staff were absolutely amazing and very empathetic. He quickly took care of my son’s wrist fracture, which avoided surgery. Dr. Weiss is highly skilled and is the best with kids!

Anita O.
Submitted 07/14/21
Grateful forDr Weiss and the staff for getting me in ASAP and making everything seamless

Elina M.
Submitted 06/19/21

Mark C.
Submitted 04/06/21

Helen C.
Submitted 03/29/21
After referring yet another person to Dr. Weiss I thought I would drop in and drop him a review. Dr. Weiss saved my life…TRULY! I am a runner and several years ago I was having some high hamstring pain and went to several Sports Medicine Dr’s and got the same diagnosis – High Hamstring Pull. I spent thousands of dollars just for my condition to worsen. I was recommended to Dr. Weiss and within 2 minutes of my appointment he informed me that I had broken my pelvis. Not the news I wanted to hear but at least the diagnosis was right. I then went onto heal, then I broke my pelvis on the other side and then my ribs broke this is when we found out that I had severe osteoporosis, this was when I was still quite young only 42. Dr. Weiss put me on a plan to continue return to running and a year after my initial diagnosis I went on to run the Boston Marathon which I have now ran 5x. I also have completed 3 – 100 Mile Endurance runs and multiple other Ultra Running events. I want to thank him for not handing me the ” you shouldn’t run again” diagnosis like everyone else did. He is a gem and I trust him implicitly!

Deirdre D.
Submitted 03/02/21
Well I found my Orthopedic Surgeon for life. I broke my fibula in 2 places. I was told I needed surgery; pins needed to be put in place to secure the bone. I immediately saw Dr. Weiss. No surgery needed just an air cast for about 4 weeks. I am so ok with that. He also took the time to explain my situation, I never once felt rushed. I wish more doctors had his bedside manor. And a nod to his office staff – They are pretty amazing as well.

Rossana M.
Submitted 02/09/21
A always, only good things to say!

S L.
Submitted 01/14/21
Dr Weiss is an incredible and understanding doctor. He gives me the time I need and communicates well I really appreciate his professionalism and kindness.

Mary D.
Submitted 01/08/21
Absolutely the best Orthopedic doctor – since going on Medicare, I had to find another orthopedic surgeon to release the fluid buildup on my knee I get through the year – I went to 4 other top Beverly Hills Orthopedic doctors to get the fluid removed from my kneecap – all of them about killed me with severe pain getting too close to my kneecap – it was worth it for me to return to Dr. Weiss who so delicately removed all the fluid from my knee WITHOUT ANY pain, none. Thank you Dr. Weiss, you are the best.

Merrill S.
Submitted 12/18/20
Caring, compassionate, intelligent, witty. And he builds things with Legos! A superb caregiver!

Rossana M.
Submitted 09/11/20
There are no words to describe the humanity of Dr. Weiss, one can just sense it. I would not go to any other Orthopedic. Dr. Weiss is knowledgeable, calm, pleasant, answers all questions with care and honesty and on top of it he is handsome! 🙂

Jay G.
Submitted 08/28/20
Dr. Weiss is a caring and knowledgeable physician. He has a commendable bias in favor of non-surgical treatments whenever possible.

Stephen S.
Submitted 08/18/20
Amazing help. They got me into the office on such short notice and gave me a great diagnosis.

Barbara G.
Submitted 06/18/20
Dr.Weiss provided an immediate and insightful diagnosis, and he and his staff were very caring and prompt in attending to me during my visit.

Jay G.
Submitted 05/06/20
Dr. Weiss is an excellent diagnostician. Twice I’ve gone to him after sustaining painful knee injuries following a fall. Both times he correctly advised against having surgery. He is the first person I will see for any future orthopedic injuries.

Arianne R.
Submitted 04/21/20
always gives me peace of mind

Nancy S.
Submitted 03/31/20
I have been seeing Dr. Weiss for more years than I can remember. Always caring, attentive and smart. He and his office staff (also great! ) respond quickly to your calls. You just get the best care from Dr. Weiss~

Linda B.
Submitted 02/12/20
Always love Dr.Weiss approach to whatever ails you

William B.
Submitted 02/11/20
always there when I need him. which is rare in the high end medical world these days.

David E.
Submitted 01/28/20
Excellent clinical knowledge and care and Dr. Weiss and staff friendly, efficient and responsive.

Scott B.
Submitted 01/22/20
Great attentive staff and Dr. Weiss attention to detail.

Rossana M.
Submitted 01/08/20
I would love to tell the world how wonderful Dr. Weiss is, he is caring, he truly cares, his humanity shows in his eyes, his staff is super.

Linda G.
Submitted 01/07/20
Dr.Weiss Is very nice and very thorough in his exams.His staff is also very friendly.It is a pleasure for me to go to his office and be examined by him.

Kari G.
Submitted 01/06/20
Excellent service, treatment, medical advice, wait time and communication. Thank you!

Ryan S.
Submitted 12/26/19
Dr. Weiss is the best!

Diane B.
Submitted 12/15/19
Everyone in the office is extremely helpful and friendly. Dr. Weiss goes out of his way to explain options and procedures so you can decide what’s best for you.

Whitney S.
Submitted 12/14/19
Dr. Weiss is easy to talk to and thorough.

Blake S.
Submitted 12/11/19
Excellent diagnosis and great disposition with kids and parents !

Jill B.
Submitted 12/06/19
Dr. Weiss went above and beyond, as usual. Most grateful!

Joseph R.
Submitted 12/06/19
Very nice office all around.

Hadar L.
Submitted 12/06/19
Great doctors amazing customer service

Raymond P.
Submitted 12/04/19
No waiting. Seemed knowledgeable and spent adequate time to explain issues

Robert P.
Submitted 11/28/19
Dr. Weiss and the staff are the best of any doctor I have ever been to…courteous, very efficient and professional and caring. Of course, Dr. Weiss is the best

Maximilian F.
Submitted 11/22/19

Elizabeth G.
Submitted 11/20/19
Dr. Weiss is friendly, calming, and efficient!

Dana B.
Submitted 11/19/19
I felt like I was in good hands.

Anthony G.
Submitted 11/09/19
Short wait and great service.

Dove R.
Submitted 11/08/19
Very helpful. Thanks for all of your time and compassion. Functioning much better than before coming in.

Sara Z.
Submitted 10/30/19
I suffered a trimalleolar fracture and dislocation. When I met Dr. Weiss, I was in the worst pain of my life. But he immediately put me at ease and assured me he could fix my leg. From that initial evaluation to all post-op appointments, Dr. Weiss and his staff have been awesome. I can’t recommend him enough if you need orthopedic surgery.

Dean J.
Submitted 10/30/19
Dr. Weiss has been an amazing Orthopedic surgeon for my kids. My son had a fracture in his elbow when he was 2, and we saw Dr. Weiss at the recommendation of a friend. He put on a lightweight waterproof cast, and my son recovered quickly. We also saw him for my daughter years later when we concerned with her wrist, and he put our concerns at ease and gave us a good protocol for protecting it. Most recently though, my son just broke his femur badly at school. Though the school took him to UCLA trauma in an ambulance, I called Dr. Weiss and he reviewed all the hospitals X-rays and gave his opinions as well, which was so reassuring. The next day, when the swelling in my son’s leg from the hospital cast became so painful he was screaming, Dr. Weiss literally saved us at 10 pm on a Friday night by sawing vents up the side to relieve the pressure, and re-wrapping it. In a week he is re-casting the awful hospital cast with the waterproof material, which will make our lives so much easier. We owe Dr. Weiss so much; he is such a caring, smart doctor who has gone above and beyond to help our children time and again! Also, whenever we tell someone else about him, they’ve always heard great things about him too – he is a gem!

Dahlia M.
Submitted 10/29/19
Wonderful office. Easy check in with a very short wait. Dr. Weiss was on time and very thorough with his exam.

Tabitha D.
Submitted 10/29/19
Such a great doctor. And easy to get appointments.

Katharine M.
Submitted 10/29/19
No nonsense, matter of fact doctor gets right to the point excellent medical care

David H.
Submitted 10/25/19
Dr. Weiss has been amazing with our son!

Rebecca G.
Submitted 10/24/19
Dr. Weiss is an incredible Doctor and orthopedic surgeon who has taken care of each member of our family! He goes above and beyond to give his patients excellent care. He is great with kids, too, and puts them at ease. Great, friendly office staff as well!

Stephanie A.
Submitted 10/24/19
extremely smart, friendly and took time to explain

Elizabeth K.
Submitted 10/24/19
He is very caring

Victoria G.
Submitted 10/24/19
My son broke his toe and was diagnosed by Dr. Weiss within 15 mins after urgent care told us he was fine. thank you!