Frequently Asked Questions About Waterproof Casts

Can my cast really get wet?

YES!!! You may shower without covering the cast, take a bath, and swim. We encourage this, as keeping the cast dry will likely result in a smelly cast. We do ask that you avoid the beach/ocean water because sand can be irritating to the skin if it gets into the cast.

What if the cast itches?

You may use a blow dryer to blow air into the cast. You can also submerge the cast into cold/ice water. You should never try to reach the itch with long, pointed object such as a pencil or hanger — these can scratch or irritate your skin and may lead to an infection. DO NOT put anything, including extra padding or cotton, in the cast. This can get stuck in your cast and cause skin breakdown.

What if my fingers/toes swell or turn colors?

Some swelling and discoloration is to be expected—especially the first few hours after the cast is applied. If you are able to wiggle your fingers or toes without pain this is okay. You can elevate the arm or leg to help relieve some swelling. If you have any concern, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

What if the skin around the edges of the cast gets red or raw?

Redness and rawness of the skin may indicate wearing of the cast. The cast may need to be modified or changed. Please call us to have the problem fixed right away.

What if the cast gets a crack?

If your cast gets hit or crushed, you may develop a crack in the cast. This should be changed right away. Please call us if this happens.